Here at Cedar Commons Apartments we use the best plumbing company in town! Jeffrey Burandt is the owner of Star Rooter Plumbing. He is the most professional plumbing contactor we have ever dealt with. He does all of our plumbing work that we need completed. All it takes is one phone call and he is here almost immediately. No matter the time of day or night, even on the weekends, we always get the same great price! We mainly use Star Rooter for our commercial water main breaks, but we can call him to complete other projects that need to be completed and he comes quickly to take care of them, also. This past summer we were pricing out the cost to install pool skimmers. We called him and that was it, he was here to complete the work in a timely fashion and honestly, his price could not be beat. Anytime Star Rooter has been to Cedar Commons Apartments to complete any given project, we have NEVER had to call him back for a job that was not completed properly! The best part for the residents that live here is he even wears booties so that their carpets and floors do not get dirty! If you need any plumbing work completed, don’t waste your time calling around, make one phone call to Star Rooter Plumbing and your problem will be fixed in no time at all!
-  Cedar Commons Apartments Management

My Name is Gabrielle Garcia, I am a home owner, I contacted a few plumbing companies and they were over priced and could not warranty anything, and that left me confused and scared to request service the way the economy is today and I’m a single mother of 3 children, I could not afford to have any l company to come out and bam boozal me. I was internet searching for a trust worthy plumbing company and I came across Star Rooter Plumbing and what caught me was the phrase “Inspired by Grandpa to be the brightest star” I called and scheduled a visit to have a tech come out I soon learned Star Rooter is family owned and operated by speaking to Sonya when I called the number on the web site. She explained to me there would be no service charge to come to my home and I could have a tech to my house within the hour. I had a tech come out he was so very professional, when I think of plumber my vision was butt crack revealing suspender wearing dirty un sanitary man . But then a gentleman arrived named Jeffery Showed up to my Home introduced himself had a very neat and clean uniform on with a picture ID Jeffery came and laid down a mat, put on these little blue booties to cover his boots, also when he came in to asses my problem with my clogged toilet he told me if he could not unclog it then it would be free, My son was very curious to what Jeffery was doing and he was so friendly and polite to my son, I felt like I had family in my home. I would definitely recommend Star Rooter.
- Gabrielle Garcia

 My name is Maggie Lee, and I am a home owner in Rochester, NY. I heard of Star Rooter through a friend. The owner of Star Rooter, Jeff, is who I actually spoke to when my basement was flooded at 12am! He was very pleasant on the phone and eager to help me! Jeff arrived at my house around 12:45am; I was very pleased to see that he was just as professional at 12:45am than any other hour! He solved my main line leak within the hour. I would be happy to spread the word about Jeff and Star Rooter Plumbing.
- Maggie Lee

  I have had Jeff work for me both with star rooter and his pervious employer. The results have been Exceptional. He has been successful in his execution of all the work he has done for me. He has been both timely and flexible to my needs. I recommend him as competent contractor.
- Bernie Taillie

As the owner of a childcare center, a prompt, dependable plumbing service is a necessity. Star Rooter comes anytime, day or night, and handles all of our plumbing needs. They are courteous, professional, and have very reasonable prices! Jeff, the owner, has also performed work at my home and I have been nothing but completely satisfied with his work!
- Patti Hayes
Owner Little Hearts Childcare Center
Rochester NY

 Over the past six years that I have Known Jeff Burandt of “Star Rooter” I have had multiple occasions to work with him. Jeff has become my plumber of choice for both small and large jobs. I can call him night or day and he is always their to serve me and my customers with a can do attitude that is second to none. Jeff’s skill level as a plumber and his integrity as a business owner are sure to make him one of Rochester’s best for a long time to come. I would not hesitate in any way to use Jeff for any job you are considering.
- Patrick Cook